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Essential DevOps Skills

Anyone involved in hiring DevOps engineers would soon realize that it is hard to find prospective candidates who would have all the skills listed in the job description. Most of the experienced applicants would have deep knowledge of few tools … Continue reading

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DevOps Stack on a Shoestring Budget

There are many applications and tools DevOps engineers use on a daily basis. But without some of the essential¬†apps it would be hard to develop and rollout automation¬†tools and processes. Any attempt at kickstarting DevOps culture should include plans to … Continue reading

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Live Tail – Loggly’s “tail -f”

Log management solutions usually provide a web UI for users to search logs as well as a query language to filter information to suit specific needs. Though such methods are powerful, many sysadmins and operations engineers miss the option of … Continue reading

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Proactive Monitoring

Most of the DevOps discussions are centered around automated provisioning of infrastructure, or, ¬†testing, packaging and deploying code in an automated fashion. However, stinging site-down issues would eventually force any nascent production engineering team to make monitoring a high priority … Continue reading

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DevOps Defined

It is easy to find attempts to define DevOps but hardly any one of them is comprehensive. And that is good because the DevOps space is very vast and there is no need to come up with a definition that … Continue reading

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A Checklist to Build DevOps Organization

With the increased use of Cloud as the infrastructure and the need to run the applications 24×7 on it, DevOps movement is becoming the mantra for automation that could help companies to scale up (and if needed down also) production. … Continue reading

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Putting Puppet to work

Since now we know how to setup Puppet in a network environment, it is time to build an application environment using it. For that, we will take a simple but a common requirement: bringing up an Apache server and install … Continue reading

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